The Shirt Shack – Polyester Professionals

Polyester is one of the most challenging fabrics to print on. Some printers even tend to stay away from 50/50 blends in a lot of cases.

The reason polyester can be a struggle to print on is because of a reaction known as dye migration. Dye migration is basically just as it sounds; small dye particles moving from one place (fabric) to another (ink). This causes an unwanted change or tint in ink color.

The Shirt Shack has worked diligently to eliminate these issues and delivery quality imprinted athletic apparel fast!

Our production staff has worked closely with industry leading equipment suppliers and ink manufacturers over the last 5 years to develop our special polyester printing methods!

Our printing methods and custom mixed printing inks allow us to consistently produce the best quality screen prints on polyester athletic apparel.

Check out the video to see the process in action!